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...who desire to grow and quantum scale without the hustle and are ready to discover the missing pieces to effortlessly running a soul-aligned business.

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About the Art of Slowing Down Podcast

It is Analena's mission to provide YOU with a shortcut to your most aligned path to success and financial freedom using a powerful combination of Human Design, Science and Spirituality. Expect to hear amazing conversations with guest experts and her own wisdom from leaving the 9-5 hustle to becoming a successful Mompreneur. 

I struggled for years to find my way in the vast online business jungle. And eventually some magical tools were revealed to me, including Human Design.

It gave me such a fresh perspective and finally allowed me to create Success on my terms instead of following others strategies.

Not only was this the magic bullet for myself it also helped my clients in ways I never imagined were possible. With this podcast, it is my intention to inspire you to follow your unique soul calling and make the impact you know you are meant to.

I’m Analena - your podcast hostess and business cheerleader. 


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"I am new to this podcast, and can't see to catch up quickly enough! Analena has a gift of bringing such potent information while remaining SO down-to-earth and grounded. I really appreciate her coming at this from a place of service - not money, career, fame, fortune... Analena you are such a gift. Thank you for shining your light and inspiring others to do the same. Your servant heart shines so bright. I am so grateful for you." — Katie C.

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