It's time to quit playing small and break free to your best life ever. Don't worry, you don't have to figure out how... I'm here to guide you to discover your unique HOW!

for conscious introvert leaders
on a mission...

human design

Do you know deep inside that you are meant for more?

Do you have this sense that you are still playing a bit small and may use your introvert and/or highly sensitive traits as an excuse to keep hiding?

And you have done a lot of inner work already, maybe have tasted some financial success already, yet you feel something is missing...

And somehow you have this feeling that diving deeper into your Human Design may be related to that missing piece you have been looking for.

Your time is now.

Are you aching for a breakthrough, a change to your life and Business?

to feel the freedom to ACTUALLY relax and allow to create Success on your terms?

do you want...

secretly wondering how you can experience more ease and flow in your life and business?

are you...

it hard to slow down and feel overwhelmed by all these things that need to get done?

do you find...

who is this for?

— VIrginie

"I could talk hours about the benefit of coaching wiTh Analena"

PILLAR three

Based on the first two pillars you set the foundation to tap into aligned manifestation. This is manifestation that happens with ease and flow where you allow the synchronicities of the field of infinite possibilities to come through you. The old way is ego manifestation where you tend to force outcomes often with a lot of hustle and grind. I am here to guide you into the NEW and easy way that is sustainable. 



You will learn your Human Design & Gene Keys in greater depth. Not only will have have a deeper understanding of your chart and its nuanced details that make you unique and different from others, you will also start to fully embody your Human Design. This will help you to be visible in a way that feels good and allows you to attract your ideal clients and make the impact you desire.



Along our coaching journey we will dive into the Deconditioning - the letting go of what is no longer serving you.
It's a process that happens in layers.
I am here to provide a safe space to help you release patterns that have held you back and start to integrate patterns/habits that are in your highest good to live out your soul's calling.
You will learn how the depth of your emotions is the key to fully living.


How my program works:

Sisters who live in Germany


is my favorite number


Is my conscious sun in human Design


number of happy clients


— Emma-Lousie Parkes

"Being more mindful about my type & how to respond has definitely helped me feel more relaxed in my business & soon after implementing the right strategy for my type I had my biggest month in revenue!"

— April

"I am completely blown away at the experience I had with Analena! Her knowledge about Human Design and the applications specific to each individual is impressive and I would highly recommend her to anyone. If you work with her, get ready to have your life transformed!"

— Gaby G.

"I’ve been able to in general stop judging myself and be more allowing and loving and compassionate with myself... I’ve also given myself permission to listen and follow my natural rhythms instead of pressuring myself and hurrying myself all the time. It’s been just a week!"


5 stars all around