i'm here to help you quit the stress of forcing things that are misaligned and tap into effortless manifestation of what you truly desire.

I'm  Analena Fuchs.

hello you!

then as a coach, a little bit scared & EXCITED I WAS SCARED TO WRITE A NEW STORY

i went from bored & unfulfilled to... fired.

Her 3 most transformational nuggets of wisdom are:

1. What you resist persists

2. Less is More

3. Slowing Down to Quantum Leap

Here is my more formal bio of how I was able to turn things around after I left the corporate world:

Analena is an experienced Human Design & Energetic Alignment Coach, ICF Certified Coach, Life, Health and Mastery Level Coach. She is also certified in Energy Healing modalities like Emotional Acceptance, Infinity Healing, and the Rapid Relief Technique. She supports Conscious Introvert Leaders to create Success on their own terms so they can enjoy Life more while creating more Impact with Ease (and without the Burnout!).

Her BLOOM Framework, which integrates Human Design, helps her Clients activate and listen to their birth given Success Strategy which is hidden in their DNA.

Analena has vast business experience from earning an MBA, working in Corporate, and running her own coaching business. She has worked for small startups,  and a global consumer goods company.

With Passion and Compassion she has helped a large amount of new and established Entrepreneurs overcome their Fears and Energetic Blocks, and align with their unique Human Design; resulting in never experienced Levels of Confidence, significant Relationship Improvements, launching new Businesses and effortlessly scaling existing ones, and going from "Giving up" to 85K in revenue in less than 12 months. Anything your heart desires becomes possible in her world.

She has been a Speaker at the International Human Design Conference, several online summits and appeared on many entrepreneurial podcasts while she is the host of her own podcast The Art of Slowing Down.

Since January 2022, along with Miranda Mitchell, she is also the Co-Founder of the Aligned Living Academy where Conscious Leaders obtain their Human Design Certification.

Born and raised in Germany, she now lives in South Florida with her daughter and Partner.

Helping people ACCEPT all of who their are, especially the e-motions they are experiencing

Hosting a top-performing podcast for human design lovers and conscious leaders

The MANY career paths I tried before this one. Can you say - human resources/payroll/real estate agent/photographer

Teaching conscious leaders how to create SUCCESS on their terms the EASEful way

What I’m known for:

— analena fuchs

"don't force anything, allow it TO be easy instead "

words i live by


I get to coach and certify women all over the world and guide them into THEIR CALLING using the Power of Human Design. 


Officially started my full-time coaching business
(took lots of certifications and courses)


Got fired from my job - an answer to a firm request I had put out to the Universe


I got divorced and felt stuck and unhappy in my corporate job


My daughter was born, I started to be interested in Health Coaching


Graduated college & moved to Florida


I went to Singapore to study a semester abroad and travelled a lot


I graduated high-school in Germany

My Timeline

where I've been

Sisters who live in Germany


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Is my conscious sun in human Design


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Fav movie


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favorite animal



live in south florida


aperol spritz





I'm a little crazy about...

I make THE BEST german bread! My mom started baking this recipe when she was pregnant with me and one of the first things I bought when I moved to the US was a mill so I could bake my bread!


My favorite way to exercise is with ball games like ping pong, tennis and lately pickle ball!


I WISH to have a retreat center one day in the Tuscany, Italy!


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