Rashon Carraway

"Invest in yourself. You can afford it. Trust me."

private 1-on-1 coaching

My private 1-on-1 coaching is for Soul-Driven Entrepreneurs who are ready to manifest more money, pleasure and freedom in their life and you desire to create Win Win Situations for the people you work with and mother earth.

Is this YOU?
You are an Entrepreneur or desire to become an Entrepreneur (Coach, Energy Healer, CEO, Small Business Owner.....)
You are passionate about heart-centered entrepreneurship.
You love win win situations.

You desire FREEDOM of time and money.
You desire to make money doing what you Love.
You desire to have more fun and uhhhhh pleasure.
You desire to work less and have more playtime.
You desire amazing relationships. With your kids, your partner, your friends. Perhaps you desire to attract your soulmate.

You are ready to face what's holding you back.
You are ready to ditch the hustle and the 'working hard' way.
You are ready to 100% show up for yourself.
You are ready to receive success the effortless way.
You are ready to be unapologetically, powerfully and most authentically you.
You are ready to lead the way of being your AUTHENTIC SELF!

Maybe you have already had some success, but you know deep inside there is so much more available to you. Especially when it comes to creating success with EASE.... 

Just IMAGINE what your life would be like with synchronicities happening all around you, and all that you desire is coming to you way easier than you ever thought is possible?

WHAT IF it is all possible for YOU?

PS: I work with any Human Design Type.

investment in YOU

YOUnique - The TAKE OFF

$5,000 for 3 months of weekly 1-on-1 coaching

you and me creating magic togther.
Support and accountability like you never had before.
Activating your Human Design super powers.

My job as your coach is to help you BELIeve in you. Believe that you are worthy, believe that you are enough and believe that you can have it all. and so it will be.

Ready to step into your light?

Click Here to book your 30-min  Expansion Call - this call is to get clarity on what you want, How I can help you with it and if we are a great fir for each other! When we start working together, the $55 for the call will be applied towards your 1-on-1 PAckage.

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