"Telling someone not to worry advoactes for the supression of their feelings, rater than discussing why the feeling itself is present"

Hello dear Soul!

It's Analena, and I am so happy you landed here on my page. I am a Specialist for all things Spiritual Business, Quantum Human Design and Deconditioning, the deep inner "sexy" work.

Being a 2/4 Manifesting Generator with Sacral Authority I have discovered some powerful tools that have helped me and now my clients to create magical results in all areas of life. Love with self, health, relationships, career, money....synchronicities everywhere... yes, it's happening!

And not only that, also the effortless way. Some people like to call it woo-woo, to me it's THE WAY to live an epic life that is available to all of us!

For the longest time I tried to figue things out in my head, did lots of strategy and rigid goal setting, and it never quite worked that well. Life was a struggle for a long time. Until I started to figure out how LIFE is actually supposed to work... effortless just like nature teaches us!

You see, success does not have to be the hard way. Sure you can make money working hours and hours, having multiple jobs. However I love to tap into the Spiritual Laws of Success where success gets to be easy.

Through this shift, I have been able to move away from a life dominated by: fears and anxiety, playing small, afraid to speak my truth, working hard a 9-5 job that I dreaded, tightness with money and unhealthy relationship patterns, divorce, trying to make things happen, lack of trust ... you name it.... and move into my life NOW where I create what I DESIRE: a job that I love being an entrepreuner, joyful relationship with my daugher, a thriving partnership that keep getting better and better, having a regular exercise routine, loving live more than ever and magical synchronicities and opportunities happening on a daily basis.

And guess what? That's possible for you too!

And a little more about me - I was born and raised in Germany as one of 4 sisters and currently reside in South Florida with my daughter. I studied Business Administration, worked several years in corporate and eventually left the corporate world to pursue my heart's desicre to be my own boss and make a real impact in this world.

My work and enthusiasm all evolves around three ingredients:
1. Spirituality + Quantum Human Design
2. Deconditioning (Emotional Release Work, Shifting Limiting Beliefs)
3. Conscious Entrepreneurship that focuses on Win Win situations

Again, thanks for stopping by! Would love to get to know you more!